Dr. Pimple Popper says Selena Gomez kept her from getting kicked off Instagram

Dr. Sandra Lee gained notoriety for her satisfying and addictive pimple popping videos that she started posting to social media just five years ago. But even after being given the opportunity to expand her Dr. Pimple Popper brand as a result of millions of people sharing her content, the dermatologist admitted that she’s not a fan of people sending those types of videos to her.

“I don’t like it when people send me popping videos,” Lee told Yahoo Lifestyle on the BUILD Series stage. “It just grosses me out.”

The statement came as a startling admission by the doctor who has gained fame from giving her followers a cringe-worthy behind-the-scenes look into her work. She even has a show on TLC that shows her dealing with more severe skin conditions like cysts and lipomas. Still, she has a difficult time seeing anybody but herself do those same types of removals.

“They make me anxious and they make me sweat,” she said. “It has something to do with me controlling it. Like I know that this is me doing it, and I know that this person is safe and there’s no dirt, it’s sterile.”

As a result of watching her own videos, Lee said that she’s become a “born-again popaholic” and is starting to understand why people find them so satisfying. However, those that find the videos rather grotesque almost got the Dr. Pimple Popper account removed from Instagram entirely.

“I would be fighting all the time,” Lee said of her relationship with the social media platform. “I would get community guidelines strikes against me.”

But the dermatologist revealed that it was actually Selena Gomez who “saved” her from all of the trouble.

“I think the first year in, Selena Gomez gave an interview with the CEO of Instagram and she was asked what is the most creative Instagram channel, and she said mine,” Lee explained. “So since then, I feel like I’ve been untouchable. It was like grace, light shined down on my Instagram account. So that was really nice that she did that.”

Lee went on to express her gratitude toward Gomez, who the dermatologist outed as a secret “popaholic.”

“It’s interesting. We’ve got popaholics everywhere,” she explained. “I just feel like the world would be safer and there would be world peace if many more people were popaholics in the big positions.”

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