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Are you considering Select Home Warranty as your home warranty provider? With three different plans that cost less than $50 per month and a $75 service fee, Select offers some of the most affordable home warranty coverage in the industry. Additionally, the company offers several discounts that can drive prices even lower.

In this review, we discuss Select Home Warranty in detail so that you can decide whether it's the best home warranty provider for your home protection needs.

To get a free quote from Select Home Warranty, call 888-370-3956 or fill out this form.


Pros and Cons of Select Home Warranty

Background & State Availability

Select Home Warranty was founded in 2012 in Mahwah, New Jersey and is well-known for its affordably priced plans that include free roof leak coverage. It is our top choice for homeowners who want excellent discounts on their home warranty.

Select Home Warranty is available in 46 states, however, it is not available in Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin.

Select Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Select Home Warranty offers a Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care plan. Select also offers free roof leak coverage with all plans and provides seven optional add-ons for more comprehensive coverage. Below is a list of covered items and optional add-ons offered by Select.


Optional Add-Ons

Select Home Warranty offers additional coverage options for those needing extra coverage. The following add-ons are available with a Select Home Warranty plan: pool, septic system, spa, stand-alone freezer, lawn sprinkler system, central vacuum, sump pump, and well pump.

Coverage Limits

Select Home Warranty has coverage limits for each of the covered items in its service contract. Select's monthly premiums are inexpensive, but its coverage limits are lower than many of its competitors. The $500 coverage limit for appliances will cover many repairs, but if you need several repairs during the course of your home warranty, you may end up paying out of pocket.

Select Home Warranty has the following coverage limits:

  • Heating and cooling: $2,000 limit

  • Electrical: $500 limit

  • Appliances: $500 limit

  • Additional coverage: $400 limit

  • Freon coverage: $250 limit

What's Not Covered By Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty's terms and conditions mention a number of excluded items in its plans, listed below. Select also doesn't cover damage that's caused by improper installation, damage caused by the failure to maintain a system or appliance, items damaged by materials such as lead or asbestos, or cosmetic issues.

Make sure to have your contract on hand before making repair requests. Usually, repairs to your items' mechanical operations will be covered, but cosmetic damage will not. If your washing machine is inoperable, it's likely a covered repair, but if your washing machine's knobs break, you might not be covered.

Here's a list of items that are not covered by Select Home Warranty:

  • Structural and Entryways: Shelves, doors, door handles, seals, hinges, latches, knobs, buttons, and leveling equipment

  • Plumbing and Piping: Gaskets, valves, dispensers, leak searches, clogged draines, and clogged lines

  • Electric: Electrical failures, electrical upgrades, lights, displays, and timers

  • Refrigeration: Freon, damage from freon leaks, and refrigerants

Select Home Warranty Pricing

Select Home Warranty's plans are reasonably priced compared to its competitors, with no plan exceeding $50 per month. You have the option to pay either annually or monthly, and if you pay annually, you'll receive a better rate and two free months of coverage.

Along with a $75 service fee, here are the quotes we received from Select Home Warranty:

Select Home Warranty Reviews

Select Home Warranty has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a mix of positive and negative reviews. Some customers wrote that they were pleased with the company's service work, but other reviews mentioned communication issues with the customer service team.

Here are a few Select Home Warranty reviews we found:

Select Home Warranty attended my service request prompt and efficiently. Excellent overall service and very quick to respond.

—Erika O., 7/8/2021

The representatives were very eager to assist in getting a contractor to respond to my claim. They kept me informed throughout the process, and quickly followed up after the service techs completed the repair.

—Donnie M., 7/6/2021

Every time I submit a claim, they turn it down.

—Sophie L., 6/30/2021

After diagnosis it takes a long time to obtain approval. It has been 2 weeks and no word on my claim.

—Jennifer K., 6/29/2021

Verdict & Recommendation

Select Home Warranty's affordably priced plans and low service fee make it a decent option for homeowners looking to save money on their home warranty plan. Not to mention, Select provides 24/7 customer service and offers a 30-day repair guarantee on all repairs and replacements.

To get a free quote from Select, call 888-370-3956 or fill out this simple form.


Compare Home Warranty Companies

Our review team compiled a list of the best home warranty companies in the industry based on an analysis of factors like breadth of coverage, cost, and customer reviews. While each home warranty company offers unique benefits, American Home Shield was named the best overall provider, Select Home Warranty was named best discounts, and Choice Home Warranty was named best basic plan.

Best Overall

bhg BUY IT

Best Basic Plan

bhg BUY IT

Best Discounts

bhg BUY IT

Best Coverage Upgrade

bhg BUY IT

Best Plan Variety

bhg BUY IT

Best Membership Perks

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Home Warranty Rating Methodology

The Home Service Research Team at Better Homes & Gardens strives to provide unbiased and objective reviews to readers by compiling relevant information on home warranty companies and rating the providers on a variety of factors.

Here's what our review process looks like:

  • We examine each provider's website to determine plan details, coverage, customer service offerings, and other benefits. We also speak with company representatives to get more insight on plan details.

  • We read sample contracts from each home warranty company to analyze and compare coverage details, limits, and exclusions.

  • We read at least 100 third-party customer reviews for each home warranty company to determine the real-life benefits and drawbacks of each provider.

  • We gather cost information for a variety of home warranty plans in different states by completing online quote forms and speaking with sales representatives to simulate the quote process.

  • We revisit each company's offerings on a seasonal basis, ensuring that we include the most up-to-date information in our reviews.

We also created a 100-point rating system to score companies based on objective factors, such as plan options, coverage, and customer service:

Overall, the Home Service Research Team has reviewed over 70 home warranty companies to select the top-rated providers in the industry.

Select Home Warranty FAQ

Is Select Home Warranty a good company?

Select Home Warranty was named among the three best home warranty companies by our review team and was designated as the best home warranty company for budget shoppers. It offers affordable plans and provides comprehensive home protection for your major systems and appliances.

What is the waiting period for a home warranty?

Waiting periods are typical with most home warranty companies. The "waiting period" refers to the 30 days before coverage kicks in and a claim can be submitted to the company.

How does home warranty pricing work?

A home warranty plan comes with two types of costs: monthly premiums and service fees. Monthly premiums are paid every month to receive protection, while a service fee is paid each time a covered repair or replacement is needed.

What is the deductible for Select Home Warranty?

The deductible, also known as a service call fee, for Select Home Warranty is only $75. This falls on the low end of the service fee spectrum, as most fees range between $75–$125 per repair or replacement.

Will Select Home Warranty replace my AC unit?

The answer to this question depends on the specific home warranty plan you choose. Select Home Warranty's Gold Care and Platinum Care plans cover air conditioning units, but its Bronze Care plan does not.

Does Select require an inspection before you purchase a plan?

No, Select doesn't need to inspect your home before you purchase a plan. However, there's a 30-day waiting period after you purchase your plan before you can submit your first claim.

What is a coverage limit?

A coverage limit is the maximum amount a home warranty company will pay for covered home repairs and replacements.

How do I submit a claim with Select Home Warranty?

You can submit a claim by calling Select Home Warranty at 855-267-3532 or by using Select's online claim form. The company's customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you file a claim on a business day, Select will respond to your claim and connect you with a service technician within 24 to 48 hours after the claim is submitted.

It's worth noting that Select charges repeat service fees, which means you may have to pay your service fee again if one of your repaired items breaks a second time.

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