See ‘The Voice’ Contestant John Legend Compares to U2 Superstar Bono (Exclusive)

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Bryan Olesen

It couldn’t have been more than 10 notes into his Blind Audition when John Legend, Dan + Shay and Reba McEntire hit their buttons and turned their chairs for Bryan Olesen and his performance of One Republic's “Love Runs Out.”

Despite the fabulousness of Bryan’s performance, he only got a three-chair turn because Chance the Rapper didn’t push his button, but he told Bryan, “I thought it was an awesome vocal performance. I didn’t get to see you. I wish I had because when I turned around, the mic stand was on the ground.”

John interrupted, saying, “You should have seen it, Chance. You should have pushed just to watch it.”

Chance continued, “I’m glad that you’re on the show and I’m excited to watch these guys fight it out over you.”

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Reba began the battle to woo Bryan to her team, saying, “I turned because that was a performance I felt without seeing anything. When I did turn around, the package was complete. You were absolutely incredible. I loved the song, I love your style, the pitch, everything was great. The tone, your attitude. Your dance moves. Way to go.”

Then it was John’s turn. He began, “Bryan, do you know what you just did right now?”

Bryan responded, “I’m still soaking it in. You guys are looking at me and I’m freakin’ out!”

John, who was set to fight for Bryan, continued, “I want you to know how great that performance was. It was the best audition we’ve seen.”

Bryan was thrilled by the compliments he was hearing, but he stopped and said, “That’s my daughter over there.”

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John said, “Bring her out.”

Bryan introduced Jaden to the coaches.

John said, “Bryan, I would like to help you navigate this show. This is my ninth season and I feel like I’ve gotten good at helping artists figure out what their passion is, the kinds of songs that will best help them express themselves, and then how to help them plan out their performances. You truly look like a superstar. One comparison I thought of was Bono. Not because you sound exactly like him but because of the way that you carried yourself, and your range, and you have so much chops. Everything that you need to be a great superstar. I would love to be your coach. We are lucky to have you on The Voice.”

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Then Shay Mooney spoke. He said, “I absolutely thought we were getting punked and somebody famous was standing there. Your voice is next level. You should be sitting here [indicating his red chair].”

Dan Smyers added, “The performance was so incredible. The beginning of it was so tender and chill and then it kicked in and it was full-on rock star mode. We hit that button immediately…”

Bryan Olesen<p>Danny Ventrella/NBC</p>
Bryan Olesen

Danny Ventrella/NBC

John interrupted, “After me, though.”

Dan said, “No, no. Right at the same time.”

Shay volunteered, “This chair [meaning his double chair] is a little slower.”

Dan said, “It’s like baseball. Tie goes to the double chair.”

Shay said, “I imagine your daughter is so proud of you.”

Bryan volunteered, “She sings, too.”

Dan + Shay encouraged Jaden to sing, which she did. She and Bryan sang Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” with a little help from John.

Then Shay said, “We’d love to have you on team Dan + Shay.”

Finally, Chance wrapped it up, “Bryan, with all that being said, who do you want to be your coach?”

Tune in on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC to find out. Streaming the next day on Peacock.

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