See Ryanair's Clever Comeback to a Passenger Complaint in Hilarious Twitter Exchange

Ryanair's social media team is on point.

<p>Courtesy of Ryanair Group</p>

Courtesy of Ryanair Group

Low-cost European airline Ryanair had quite the comeback for a passenger who complained about legroom this week.

The complaint in question, was from a Twitter user, named Steve, who posted a photo of their legs scrunched against the back of the seat in front of them with the comment: “Im only 5”7.”

And the airline, which is known for its super cheap flights across Europe, cleverly responded.

“You going to update your tinder profile then?” the airline shot back in a biting comment (a not-so-subtle reference to the fact that so many people tend to lie about their height on dating app profiles). The simple exchange then went viral, being viewed 7.5 million times and eliciting more than 65,000 likes.

“I’m all about personality,” Steve responded to which the airline said: “We believe you, Steve.”

Another traveler, however, disputed the legroom issue, writing “I'm 6"3 pal. It's fine. Sit up properly and don't slouch. You'll ruin your back otherwise.” Ryanair agreed, responding with clapping emojis and saying to “Bend your knees.”

Yet another Twitter user simply wanted to know “How is this a real company,” to which the airline cleverly responded: “Because planes.”

Even Tinder got in on the fun, responding that the complaining passenger should “Take [someone] on a flight on the first date.”

Ryanair is based near Dublin and is the go-to airline for cheap flights in Europe, often advertising one-way fares as low as 9.99 pounds (about $12). The airline’s cheapest ticket is its Standard Fare, which allows travelers to bring one small carry-on bag and does not include seat selection. The airline also offers a Ryanair Plus fare, which includes a reserved seat, priority boarding, two carry-on bags, and one checked bag.

When it comes to legroom, the airline offers 30 inches of seat pitch in economy and 32 to 34 inches of seat pitch in its premium cabin on its Boeing 737-800 planes, according to SeatGuru.

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