See Heidi Klum's Dreamy and Romantic Photos From Italy Trip

Heidi Klum took a well-deserved break from America's Got Talent and Hollywood events to spend time with her husband, Tom Kaulitz, and a couple of her kids in Italy.

Klum started off her envy-inducing posts with a video from her point of view looking up at a beautiful painted ceiling in what might've been her Italian hotel room.

But the next post really had people jealous, as Klum posed with Kaulitz on a bridge in Venice, Italy, with the canal in the background. The model wrote in the caption, "Ich liebe Dich ❤️," which means "I love you" in German, Klum's first language, as they shared a smooch.

Klum then shared some chronicles of what later happened in Italy during an unexpected run-in with a seagull. During a meal at a stunning restaurant, the atmosphere seemed relaxing and reserved, that is, until a seagull jumped on the table and started eating the scraps.

The 50-year-old didn't write provide any details of the encounter on Instagram, instead captioning the video that features the brave bird as, "😵,"

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While the city of Venice is definitely romantic and great for couples, Klum and Kaulitz were joined by two of her kids, 17-year-old Henry and 16-year-old Johan whom she shares with ex Seal–as they all took a gondola ride through the canals. Klum is also a mom to 19-year-old Leni with ex Flavio Briatore.

A video of the event only showed the back of her children's heads as they sat and took it all in. Klum is typically reserved when it comes to showing her children on social media. Klum and Kaulitz could be seen sitting behind them in style, with Klum even sporting a fashionable umbrella.

Overall, it seems like everyone had a fine time on the trip, and it's anyone's guess where Klum and her crew travel next!

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