See Ellen DeGeneres' Tea Party With Her Reluctant Chickens

Ellen DeGeneres is still finding ways to make her fans smile, even in retirement.

The former talk show host took to Instagram on Saturday, Aug. 19, to share the attempted tea party she held for her pet chickens—the keyword being "attempted." The comedian sprinkled feed into ornate teacups placed in the dirt of their coop, but the hens weren't too sold on the idea.

"Nancys and Pam," she announced to the flock, which was made up of identical birds, "I have a special treat for you; we're having a tea party!"

As she set up the saucers and cups, she ordered one bird down from the swing, thanking her when she listened. But as she tried to coax the group over for their gathering, she found herself ignored.

"Come on, that's good china—let's not waste it," she requested, but ultimately, only Pam was up to party.

"Next time I’ll try better china," she mused in the caption.

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"What must they be thinking 😉🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍," one commenter wondered.

"That’s quite the chicken palace for those beautiful ladies. 😍," another observed, pointing out all of the enrichment opportunities for the birds in their extra-large corral.

"Maybe they we’re [sic] waiting for the little finger sandwiches 😂," someone else joked, while others suggested she needs to get "better snacks!!!" Several commenters had options, like blueberries, bread, cranberries, kale, apple, corn on the cob, grapes and grubs!

Another said mealworm, calling it "crack for chickens 🤣," with another explaining that chickens also like "frozen stuff."

Better luck next time, Ellen!

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