See Drew Barrymore Jump to Defend a Crying Fan

Drew Barrymore continues to show fans what an empathetic and caring human being looks like.

The talk show host recently comforted a crying fan in her studio audience, and the wholesome encounter with the Charlie's Angels star made the attendee cry even more.

Upon noticing that a woman in the crowd of The Drew Barrymore Show was brought to tears, the host immediately got up from where she was sitting on-stage to find out what had happened, and subsequently, console the guest.

"Are you okay? Did anything happen?" Barrymore questioned, before walking toward the show visitor, as she joked, "Whose ass do I have to kick?" to which someone sitting with the guest replied, "She loves you so much."

The actress was visibly relieved, stating, "Oh God, thank God it's nothing bad! Did you see me coming up here like, 'Tell me where they are! Because I will take them down... who made you cry?!'"

As the 50 First Dates star approached the area where the show attendee was sitting, the guest divulged through tears: "You're just my childhood idol"—and of course, Drew couldn't resist reaching out to embrace her, further proceeding to sit on the woman's lap and hug her tightly, in true Drew Barrymore Show fashion.

"I don't know why I have the urge to do this," the 48-year-old jokingly admitted.

Barrymore has previously been criticized for how up close and personal she gets with her show guests, but made it clear that she doesn't seem to mind, nor does she plan on changing her ways—or her interview style.

"I really love you, I'm sorry," the super fan continued as she patted her eyes dry, while the Blended actress continued to comfort her and let her know it's totally okay to let it out, as she insisted, "I cry here all the time."

"This is just such an honor for me to meet you," Barrymore told the fan, and we're sure the feeling was totally mutual.

Watch the touching moment below!

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