If you see this on your car, call the police': TikTok dad says it could save your life

Dad of twins @dutchintheusa is warning TikTokers everywhere: . if you see “1F” written on your car window, you need to call the police. As he stands in front of a car with the words “1F” written on the back window, he explains. “It’s marked with ‘1F,’ which stands for ‘one female,’ and it’s marked in dust”. He continues, “If this happens to you, get in your car, lock the door, and call the cops”. “Best case scenario, they’re just targeting you. Worst case scenario, they’re already around the block,” he said. Some TikTok users were shocked by the dad’s warnings, and appreciated his advice. Others were a little suspicious of the information. According to the Eureka Police Department, whose logo appears in @dutchintheusa’s TikTok, the story is largely inconclusive