‘If you see this on your car, call the police’: Dad’s TikTok warning claims it could save your life

One dad is warning TikTokers everywhere: if you see “1F” written on your car window, you need to call the police.

Dad of twins @dutchintheusa has gone viral for his TikTok that claims these strange markings on your car could be a dangerous red flag — and that following his advice could just save your life.

In his video, @dutchintheusa starts by saying, “Here’s something you might not know, but could save your life.”

As he stands in front of a car with the words “1F” written on the back window, he explains, “If you ever see this on the back of your car, someone is marking you.”

In the next shot, he stands in front of a car with “1F” written in the dust of a different window. “It’s marked with ‘1F,’ which stands for ‘one female,’ and it’s marked in dust.”

He continues, “If this happens to you, get in your car, lock the door, and call the cops. Best case scenario, they’re just targeting you. Worst case scenario, they’re already around the block.”

In the final shot, he stands in front of a car sporting the popular window decal depicting a stick figure family. “And let’s not put these on our car and provide a shopping list for child predators,” he states.

Is there any truth to this TikToker’s claim?

The comments on this TikTok video, numbering in the thousands, were a mixed bag of opinions.

Some TikTok users were shocked by the dad’s warnings, and appreciated his advice. “Omg… I would have never thought of this. That’s freaking scary,” one person wrote. Another commented, “Looks like I’m going to take those stickers off of my car tomorrow!!!”

Others were a little suspicious of the information. “Ah yes, I’ve made it to the fear mongering, false info side of TikTok,” wrote one user. “Making it on preying on people’s fears. Not helping safety or community. Sus,” commented another.

So what do the experts say? According to the Eureka Police Department, whose logo appears in @dutchintheusa’s TikTok, the story is largely inconclusive.

In a 2020 statement, the EPD reported, “We currently do not have any evidence that these local incidents are connected to kidnapping or human trafficking, or if it is a prank.”

The EPD went on to add, “Continue to be aware of your surrounding and report any suspicious activity to your local authorities. Take notice of clothing and vehicle descriptions, and get the license plate if possible. Here is some information on indicators of Human Trafficking from the Department of Homeland Security.”

According to the fact-checking website Snopes, the “1F” story is false, and nothing more than a viral social media rumor.

They report, “When we try to boil down this rumor to its origins, we see that the claim is based on something someone saw on Facebook, written by a person claiming that their friend had heard from a stranger that the code ‘1f1b’ was being used by sex traffickers to flag future targets.”

Snopes concludes, “In other words, this rumor doesn’t exactly have credible origins.”

Whether or not there’s truth in this viral TikTok video, it’s always a good idea to follow the old saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

As the EPD warned, if you ever encounter anything suspicious around your car, be sure to contact your local authorities, and stay safe.

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