Security K9 at Taylor Swift Concert in Mexico Gets Adorned with Friendship Bracelets

One of the sweetest traditions at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour is the swapping of friendship bracelets between long-term friends, and strangers who are soon to become friends. In a video posted August 29, fans at the Mexico City show even adorned a police K9 with bracelets and made him a Swiftie.

This is just too cute!

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TikTok user @Mariajoseclz posted the adorable video of police K9 Randy and Taylor Nation is absolutely loving this.

@Cece comments, "Randy is looking so Bonita! what a good boy!" @Christine adds, "What a good boy!  So cute that he got bracelets!" @Melba says, "If this was the only Eras video I ever saw I’d die happy." @Ghostie adds, "I love Mexican Swifties so much!"

Taylor Swift fan pet parents have been doing the most to celebrate the Eras tour, with videos of dogs singing along to Taylor Swift songs, animal shelters assigning Eras to their shelter pets looking for homes, and even one pet parent who adorably recreated the Eras tour poster with her pup.

One Taylor Swift inspired trend that is pretty unfortunate is the "spinning your pet around" to 'August' and sharing the videos. Even though all the animals are adorable, and we have seen everything from dogs, to cats, to even a frog and an alligator, animal experts warn that doing this viral trend cause your pet stress, anxiety, or physical harm. No one wants that!

Charity organization ​​Cats Protection condemned the trend in a statement to Metro. “At no point should an animal deliberately be put in a position to feel fear, anxiety, frustration or experience pain for the benefit of human entertainment,” Daniel Warren-Cummings, the organization’s central behavior officer, said, noting that cats in particular may be sensitive to being spun around.

So in honor of Randy the police K9, stop spinning your pet around and instead make them some adorable friendship bracelets. That's a way better way of celebrating Taylor!

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