The "You" Season 3 Ending, Explained

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Photo credit: John P. Fleenor - Netflix
Photo credit: John P. Fleenor - Netflix

*Major spoilers for You season 3 below. This content contains mentions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.*

You'd think that being married with a child would be enough to satisfy Joe Goldberg, but season 3 of You proves otherwise. When he moves to Madre Linda with season 2's victim, Love, and their son, Henry, Joe feels trapped by the relationship and their new home in the suburbs, where they're surrounded by privileged neighbors from tech entrepreneurs and mommy bloggers to troubled college students.

Season 3 is full of unexpected turns and tons of new characters, which brings more victims for the Quinn-Goldbergs. So, if you're fresh off your binge-watch, you're probably still trying to process everything that happened after that ending. What does it mean, and what can we expect for Joe in season 4?

Who does Joe end up with?

Despite being married to Love and raising a child with her, Joe still finds himself obsessing over and preying on more innocent women. The first being Natalie, a realtor and the Quinn-Goldbergs' neighbor who makes a move on Joe — while she's also married. Love ultimately murdered her so Joe wouldn't feel tempted, but his fixation transferred to someone new. It happens to be his boss, Marienne, when he picks up a job at the local library. He juggles his marriage with Love while trying to pursue Marienne, eventually convincing her that he's on the verge of leaving Love. She agrees to run away with him to start a new life with Henry and her daughter, Juliette.

However, that doesn't go as planned as Love finds out that Joe is involved with Marienne and plots to poison him (in case you missed it, that's how Love ended her first marriage). Joe pretends to be paralyzed by the poison until he gets up and injects Love to her death with a syringe filled with poison. In true You fashion, Joe cleans up the scene and ties everything back to Love — Natalie's murder, as well as Love killing and framing their other neighbor, Gil for it.

First, he made a meat pie with his own severed toes in it to fake his own death and frame Love for it. He then wrote a letter (from Love) to the community in Madre Linda, admitting to the crimes and taking responsibility for coercing Joe into taking part. He finished by turning on the gas stove and letting his house go up in flames, which left all the evidence he planted for the police.

Joe flees the country to start somewhere new — Paris, France. It's not clear whether he's still hooked on Marienne, who probably caught wind that he had "died" in Madre Linda. Odds are he's there alone looking for a fresh start, much like he did when he moved to LA in season 2.

What about Henry?

Before running off, Joe left Henry with his coworker from the library, Dante. Dante and his partner had been trying to adopt a child for years, making this the one of the few noble things Joe has done throughout the course of the series.

What will happen in season 4?

There's no telling where the story will go from here, but it's very likely that Joe will fixate on someone new when he's in Paris. Especially because there's no one standing in his way now.


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