Searching for a Nice Housewarming Gift? Grab This Self-Watering Chili Pepper Plant From Uncommon Goods

potted chili plant
Score This Self-Watering Pepper Plant for 51% Off

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If you happen to have a loved one who has recently moved — whether into a house or a new apartment — it’s always a nice gesture to get them a little housewarming gift. And plants make for a solid option, since they can also double as decor. We’ve spotted a plant that we think would make for an amazing housewarming present — especially if your giftee likes it spicy.

Over at Uncommon Goods right now, you can score the Self-Watering Chili Pepper Planter for over 50% off. So while you would otherwise spend $35, you can nab it now for a mere $17. Self-sufficient and affordable.

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Even if (or especially if) your giftee isn’t known for being good at keeping plants alive, they won’t have to vigilantly water this set; as the name says, it’s self-watering. Ergo, you won’t be resigning these poor little peppers to a certain death. Plus, beyond the seeds, the net pot, and the adorable red planter, this kit does come with instructions, so your recipient won’t be on their own if they’re still developing their green thumb. There’s also activated carbon, plant food, and a hydroponic growing medium in place of soil.

Part of what makes this planter such a fun present, though, is that it’s truly the gift that will keep on giving, since it won’t just sprout leaves; it’ll grow cayenne peppers! Of course, this does come with the condition that your giftee will need to like decently spicy food. On the Scoville Scale, cayenne peppers can achieve up to 50,000 Scoville heat units, making them considerably spicier than jalapeños and poblanos. So if they love some heat in their food, this might just be the perfect plant gift for them.

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