Your Search for the Best Black Leather Belt Ends Here

Photo credit: Design by Michael Stillwell
Photo credit: Design by Michael Stillwell

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There are certain wardrobe essentials everyone should have in their closet: stylish loafers, a crisp white button shirt, a classic pair of jeans, and most importantly a good leather belt. Unfortunately, though, shopping for a good leather belt is no easy task—and I say this from experience. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times I thought I found "The One" only for the leather to start stretching out and cracking almost immediately. All I wanted was sturdy black belt that 1) wouldn't break the bank and 2) wouldn't wear away no matter how many times I wore it. Is that too much to ask?

Luckily for you, dear reader, after endless research and trial and error, I finally come across the best black leather belt in the past year, and it's by none other than beloved heritage brand J.Crew. It's called the 'Classic Belt' and let me tell you, it definitely lives up to its name. Made of the smoothest Italian leather, the sleek waist-cincher features a chic golden buckle that looks so damn good each and every time I loop it around my favorite pair of jeans. It's subtle but still eye-catching enough for others to notice.

But my favorite part of all is how durable it is. I have worn this J.Crew belt too many times to count at this point and it still looks as good as new. No tarnishing on the hardware, no stretching out, and certainly no cracks on the leather.

The price point of just $45 makes it all the more worth it, too. And should you want to add a personal touch to it, you can get up to three initials monogrammed to the strap for an extra $10, making it the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season.

Frankly, I'm not sure why I didn't think of trying it out earlier because it would have saved me a whole lot of money and time. Trust me, this is going to be the workhorse of your year-round wardrobe. With fall finally upon us, I plan to add the brown version to my belt collection so I can flaunt that one out, as well.

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