Sea Lions at CT Aquarium Go Into Fun 'Star Wars' Mode for May 4th

May 4 might be just a date for you, but to "Star Wars" fanatics, it's a day that is to be celebrated. This date is better known as "May the Fourth Be With You," which is a pun that stems from the cinematic masterpiece and the movie's catchphrase - may the force be with you. So prepare yourself to see plenty of "Star Wars" references all day long.

We've already found our favorite May 4th reference from a Connecticut-based aquarium. Mystic Aquarium, known on TikTok as @mysticaquariumct, has sea lions who wanted to join in on the "Star Wars" celebration and it's absolutely everything. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! Is this not the best "Star Wars" related video you've ever seen?! We don't need to see anything else today. This wins the internet in our eyes!

These sea lions can hold the lightsabers better than we can. Heck, they hold the lightsabers better than anyone in the movies. LOL! And don't even get us started on how proud they look in this clip. These precious sea lions are ready for anything and everything that might come their way. They clearly run the aquarium here. 

"I would watch this movie," commented @kidtivityct. SAME! Forget about whatever "Star Wars" movie is next. We need these Mystic Aquarium sea lions to star in the next few movies. We'd be the first ones at the theater to see them star in the movies. And there's no doubt in our minds that these sea lions would win every single Oscar available for their outstanding performance. Just look at them, they're naturals!

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