This ‘Scream VI’ Star Had No Idea They Were Playing Ghostface

This ‘Scream VI’ Star Had No Idea They Were Playing Ghostface

Spoiler warning for Scream VI.

The sixth installment in the Scream slasher series continues the meta horror commentary that has delighted fans for more than 20 years, transposing the action from bucolic Woodsboro to the mean streets of New York City. And while the main cast comprised of plenty of familiar faces—including Jenna Ortega as Tara, Melissa Barrera as Sam, Mason Gooding as Chad, Jasmin Savoy-Brown as Mindy, and Courteney Cox as the sole remaining legacy character Gale—we also got a brand new Ghostface killer.

As has become a tradition in the franchise, the final act of Scream VI revolved around the unmasking of Ghostface, and the killer's true motivations being revealed. And in one of the grandest showdowns of the series so far, viewers were treated to a triple reveal in an abandoned movie theater that had been converted into a macabre shrine to previous killers.

The Ghostfaces of Scream VI were Ethan (Jack Champion) and the presumed-dead Quinn (Liana Liberato), who had orchestrated all of the killings with the help of Detective Wayne Bailey (Dermot Mulroney), who was secretly their father, as well as the father of Richie (Jack Quaid), the killer from the previous movie.

And it turns out, the identity of the killer(s) was kept a secret even from the cast. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mulroney admitted that he had no idea he was being considered for the role of the masked mastermind during the audition process.

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Philippe Bossé

"It wasn't called 'Ghostface' there; it was just 'the bad guy,'" he said. "I wasn't even up on how intense people are following Ghostface. So then I get piece of the script, but they neglected to tell me what part I'm playing. So I'm looking for two things when I'm reading the script, which part it is that I am and who it is in the script that's going to wind up being Ghostface."

"So, for a while, I suspected that I was going to play the psychologist because Bailey is written so mildly I thought that's probably not my part; it's just a passing detective," he continued. "It shows you that the script itself was quite ingenious in how they buried Bailey or made him incidental to scenes. Then I get to the end, and itis Bailey! It was me all along!"

Mulroney wasn't the only one who was kept in the dark. Prior to the film's release, Courteney Cox told Jimmy Kimmel that during her tense chase scene, she also had no idea which of her castmates was under the costume—and that she had purposely avoided reading the end of the script to see if she could figure out who the killer was by herself.

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