Woman Crowned ‘Miss Hitler 2016’ at Disturbing Neo-Nazi Pageant

Scottish woman crowned 'Miss Hitler 2016' following disturbing neo-Nazi contest (Photo: National Action)
A Scottish woman was crowned Miss Hitler 2016 following a neo-Nazi contest. (Photo: National Action)

A Scottish woman, who goes by the disturbing pseudonym “A-Bus-Full-of-Retards,” was named the winner of the Miss Hitler 2016 competition.

The pageant was held by the Britain-based radical youth movement National Action.

The woman, who was interviewed under her pseudonym for the competition, said she was an NA activist who had dedicated her life to the group.

Photo: National Action
Photo: National Action
Photo: National Action
Photo: National Action

“I enjoy reading, browsing esoteric memes, and watching the reds lose their s*** over our publicity stunts,” she said.

In photos uploaded to the group’s website, the brunette can be seen posing wearing a kilt and a T-shirt with the National Action insignia on it.

In every photo, her face is half covered with a black skull scarf, and in some she appears to be doing the Nazi salute.

“I’ve always been a traditionalist at heart … I didn’t want to believe that the Jews are the enemy. I was brought up to believe that they are very similar to Christians,” she said.

Photo: National Action
Photo: National Action

“Eventually the Jewish propaganda became too obvious to ignore, and so I became involved with NA.”

She said she “would be a very lonely Nazi” without her partner and was sad that she had lost friends because of their “openly antifascist views.”

When asked if she could kill one person, who would it be?, she responded: “I would put Angela Merkel (without any protection) in one of her camps and let her pet refugees do the rest.”

“Brutal honesty” was what she said she liked most about being in the group.

“I love how uncompromising NA is with their beliefs and how much this triggers people across the whole political spectrum,” she said.

“This brutal honesty allows us to distinguish between the dedicated Nazis and absolute pussies.”

National Action claimed the purpose of the competition was to show the world their “far-right views” and give female members a chance to share their reasons for becoming a part of the group.

A spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews said, “It is possibly the ugliest beauty contest ever held.”