Your Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for July

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

Add These Dates to Your GCal:

  • July 1: Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

  • July 4: Mars enters Taurus

  • July 4: Mercury enters Cancer

  • July 13: Full Moon in Capricorn

  • July 16: Sun in Cancer conjunct Mercury in Cancer

  • July 17: Venus enters Cancer

  • July 19: Mercury enters Leo

  • July 22: Sun enters Leo

  • July 28: New Moon in Leo

  • July 28: Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

Welcome to July, Scorpio! The month starts off with some drama—but it's nothing you can’t handle! On July 1, Mars in Aries challenges Pluto in Capricorn. Situations with coworkers or in your workplace have been building up. You may feel like a power-hungry boss or colleague is asserting their will over your own. Choose your fights wisely. Mars, your planetary ruler, enters Taurus on July 4 and brings focus to your partnerships. You could find yourself butting heads with partners or collaborators, or perhaps just investing more of your energetic output into your relationships. This is a time to set boundaries, which are never fun, but necessary to protect your health. On the same day, Mercury enters Cancer and brings your attention to your intellectual world. Your curiosity is guiding your mental focus and you may feel ready to start studying something new.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13 can reveal some karmic, messy information that’s been hidden for some time. This news can feel destabilizing, but you need to hear it. You may see the shadier sides of some people or organizations you associate with. The Sun and Mercury mingle at the exact same point in the sky on July 16 in your house of spirituality. Engaging in a guided meditation or spiritual practice at this time can reveal perspective-shifting information. You’re ready to blaze a new path. On the same day, Venus, the planet of good fortune, enters Cancer. If you’re in school or taking a class, this speaks to positive recognition from your professors. This may also be a time where you’re more interested in adding some excitement to your love life. You’re feeling spontaneous!

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Leo on July 19 and job matters take up your attention. You may learn news about your role or the company you work for. This is also a reflective period where you may be considering your career path. Does your work feel fulfilling? The Sun enters Leo on July 22, bringing public recognition your way. This could mean an award, promotion, or raise. The higher-ups at work are noticing you. Ride the wave while it lasts because on July 26, some confrontations can reach a boiling point as Mercury in Leo squares off with Mars in Taurus. You may not see eye to eye with one of your closest collaborators, or a partner may speak up about your work-life balance. Proceed with caution.

The New Moon in Leo on July 28 breathes fresh life into your workplace and reputation. Your hard work is paying off, and rewards are on their way. Visualize what you want your career to look like six months from now, and take one small step in that direction. It’s called manifesting! On the same day, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries and asks you to think about your work-life balance. How is it impacting your soul’s growth? Are there habits you need to change? The month wraps up with the arrival of some surprising news on July 28 when Mercury in Leo squares off with Uranus in Taurus. A CEO or boss could speak out of turn and share something they weren’t supposed to, or you could have an overwhelming urge to speak your mind. Breakthroughs can occur, but conversations today have a way of changing your trajectory in some way. Be mindful before opening your mouth!

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