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If your go-to bath towel looks like it's been washed on a riverbed for centuries, if it smells like anything other than your laundry detergent, if you bought it the same day you saw Inception in the movie theatre, it's time for a refresh. Today, we invite you to start that journey. Today, we invite you to subscribe to the GQ Best Stuff Box.

See, starting today and for a limited time, when you subscribe to the Best Stuff Box, you also get GQ's favorite bath towel from Onsen for free—a $50 value, plus tax and shipping are also covered. We called this supima cotton towel our favorite because it over-delivers in every category: its unique waffle weave makes it ultra lightweight, super absorbent, and miraculously quick-drying. We’ve also never had the urge to call a towel “cool” until we laid eyes upon it. Whether it's hanging in your bathroom, wrapped around your waist, or slung over the back of deck chair, it's going to help you recognize that, yes, you are in fact a person with serious taste.

Never heard of the GQ Best Stuff Box? Subscribe, and every three months you get a haul of our favorite things, from grooming products and accessories to gadgets. This season we're bringing you a pair of recycled fleece sweats from Richer Poorer, a limited-edition GQ Nalgene, a Disco facial mask, and other feel-good items. The value of everything inside is over $200 but here's the best part: it's yours for just $50.

Take a moment. Appreciate the math at work here. Then get your box and free Onsen towel before they both sell out (and they will).

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