Science Says Guys With Facial Hair Do This in Bed


By Zahra Barnes 

We are officially in Movember, the month during which guys let their mustaches grow like weeds to raise awareness for men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancers. Turns out facial hair doesn’t just change a guy’s exterior; research from’s Singles in America survey shows that men with facial hair are actually more sexually charged than those who regularly turn to a razor. As a big fan of anything beyond 5 o’clock shadow, this is music to my ears.

Specifically, 80 percent of men with facial hair have regular orgasms as opposed to 77 percent of their clean-shaven brethren. Here are a few more intriguing results:

- They’re more likely to have engaged in sexting (54 percent vs. 51 percent) and sent a sexy picture (37 percent vs. 32 percent).
- They’re more inclined to have given the whole “friends with benefits” thing a go (61 percent vs. 54 percent).
- Men with bristles think about sex more often than those without (73 percent compared with 70 percent).
- They’re into broadening their horizons: 85 percent are receptive to the idea of dating outside their ethnicity compared with 75 percent of smooth-faced men. Same goes for religion: 74 percent of guys with facial hair are open to dating outside theirs, while 71 percent of stubble-free guys agree.

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Perhaps best of all is that their amped-up sexual appetite doesn’t mean guys with facial hair are neglecting things in the romance department: 88 percent of them believe the sweet notion that they can stay married to the same person forever. If you’re into guys sans facial hair, 86 percent of them think the same, so no need to worry.

So, what’s the reasoning behind this? “It’s all about testosterone. Testosterone fuels the growth of men’s facial hair,” says Helen Fisher, Ph.D., biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser to Testosterone is the male sex hormone, so there’s no surprise it’s at play here. “It’s also linked with a man’s ability to be logical, inventive, direct, decisive, and ambitious,” says Fisher. All pretty sexy qualities, no?

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Beyond the biological cause, I suspect there are some major cultural aspects involved. Guys with facial hair are generally more unconventional, so that adventurous attitude can translate into serious passion in the bedroom. Plus, they’re less likely to have the kind of corporate job that necessitates shaving, so maybe they’re under less mood-killing stress. And you know how there are things like lingerie and a perfect blowout that make women feel full of some kind of feminine power? Maybe facial hair is the equivalent of that for guys, something that makes them feel like extra-manly men. Yet another reason for me to love beards even more.

Do you prefer guys with intense facial hair or totally smooth jawlines?

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