ScholarMe aims to make funding college tuition much easier for students

At the age of 11, Femi Adebogun built products that would automate work processes. At 16 years old, he sold his first major product and would continue to sell his services to several firms. Adebogun, who was then attending Franklin High School, said he had to learn how to apply for financial aid himself. He’d visit sites such as, only to be redirected to multiple other sites and find himself even more confused. He was determined to resolve this issue for himself and others . After spending one semester at the University of Redlands in Southern California. Adebogun co-founded ScholarMe with Evan Farrell and Caleb Cross . Launched in 2018, the free college financing platform aims to help make paying for higher education easier by streamlining the application process. Users can also apply for loans with lower interest rates using the ScholarMe Comparison Tool. Since its inception, the company claims it has helped more than 100,000 students fund their college tuition. His company is also on pace to hit one million users in the coming months