Scared Cat Who Arrived at Florida Shelter After Her Owner Was Evicted Shows the Reality of Animal Surrender

These poor animals don't understand what's happened to them.

Many times animals are surrendered for the worst reasons. Take one cat at the Orange County Animal Services in Orlando Florida, who is now waiting for a new home after tragedy struck. It breaks our hearts to see her so scared! 

Photographer Albert Harris (@aharrisphoto) shared Turanga's story to raise awareness and hopefully help her find a new home. She "just needs someone patient," he warned. 

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Turanga was one of nine cats who were surrendered after their owner's got evicted from their home and is now understandably very scared of her new surroundings. "Imagine being comfortable and then thrown into a place you don't know," Harris explained. But that doesn't mean she won't find a forever home that will make her feel safe. 

People in the comments section really wanted Turanga to find a new family. "Oh sweet baby. I hope your person shows up soon," @aliecat2009 wrote. "Rooting for you Turanga. We’ll get you a home soon," @spammela0 vowed. "Please someone give her a home! I swear a cat will change your life! Mine saved mine. She deserves it!!!!" @breakingmindy87 added.

But despite how things might seem now, Harris is still hopeful that things can turn around for the cat. "She will need someone patient and someone willing to give her a chance. Together we can make it happen! You know what to do!" he wrote. 

Fingers crossed!

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