Saweetie's celebrity McDonald's menu definitely doesn't include a salad: 'Saweetie gonna eat'

Saweetie celebrates the launch of her signature order at McDonald's.
Saweetie celebrates the launch of her signature order at McDonald's. (Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald's)
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Over the past year, Travis Scott, BTS and J Balvin have all teamed up with McDonald's for limited-edition meals. Now, Saweetie is the first female to collaborate with the fast-food chain on its latest marketing endeavor.

"It was an all-star team before me ... and I'm the first woman," she says. "So hopefully that inspires women to be the first of whatever they can be. You know, it's hard to be the first of something these days. The fact that I'm the first woman that's a part of the McDonald's campaign. That's just ... it's an honor."

With her item choices, the 28-year rapper did her best to dispel the expectation that women should only eat salads. The order includes a Big Mac with fries, four-piece Chicken McNuggets with Tangy BBQ sauce and Sweet 'N Sour Sauce, along with a medium fry and Sprite.

"If one thing Saweetie gonna do, Saweetie gonna eat. I think I've never been a salad orderer. I'm ordering everything off the menu, honestly, especially if you paying. That's the best time to do it. So I'mma order the steak. I'mma order the cheeseburger, I'mma order the salad, I'm ordering a drink, maybe even two. ... I wanted everything that I loved on it. I love the Big Mac. I love the fries. I love the McNugget," she explains.

Saweetie's meal also comes in an "icy" packaging, paying homage to her hit single that put her on the map, "Icy Girl," which to the star is more than a phrase, it's a lifestyle.

"My job is to educate and inspire my fans. But I remember one time this girl was like, 'well, I can't be icy. Cause I can't get, nails like you.' [That's] Absolutely wrong — good hygiene, making sure that your nails is cut and they're clean, boom, you're an icy girl, it's that easy," she assures. "So for me, I just think, you don't got to have ice on. You don't gotta have jewelry on, you gotta be a good person, you gotta be fly within your own means. 'Cause I know what it feels like. I mean, I was a struggling college student. I wasn't always so luxurious. So like for me, I feel like a proud icy gang member is proud to be themselves."