The "Saved by the Bell" Theme Song Just Got a Major Remix By Lil Yachty

Tamara Fuentes
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Photo credit: Peacock
Photo credit: Peacock

From Seventeen

There's so many things to look forward to in the brand new Saved by the Bell reboot series. From a new generation of students played by an awesome cast to Bayside High School's upgraded look, the show has really come a long way since we last saw it on our TV screens. But those aren't the only things that look totally different when you watch the new sequel series.

The original iconic theme song also got a major re-do thanks to Lil Yachty. You can check out the new track below:

While it might seem like a little out of left field to have Lil Yachty recreate the theme song, it turns out that he's a huge fan of the first series.

"We were so excited to have Lil Yachty update the original Saved By the Bell theme song," executive producer Tracey Wigfield told Entertainment Weekly. "Besides being cool and catchy, his music has a great sense of humor, which I really appreciate. I was less excited when he said he wanted to do it because his mom was a big fan of the show because that made me feel 100 years old."

Lil Yachty hasn't made an appearance on the show just yet, but hopefully this means he'll be open to playing himself in the show in the future. Maybe he'll play a concert at Bayside alongside Zack Attack? Guess we'll just have to hope for a second season to see.

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