Savannah Guthrie Strips Off Her ‘Today’ Show Makeup And Shows Off Her Real Face On Instagram

Savannah Guthrie
Savannah Guthrie

Fresh from picking up her 2022 Caregiver Champion Award at The Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s annual ‘Heroes and History Makers Celebration’ last month, for which she looked ultra-glamorous from head to toe, Savannah Guthrie decided to treat her 1M Instagram followers to a makeup-free selfie. And we’re so glad that she did, because it proved that she is a natural beauty who doesn’t actually need makeup to glow!

Makeup-free Instagram Story

The 50-year-old Today co-anchor shared the unexpected bare-faced snap to her Instagram Story, and credited her five-year-old son for taking the picture, captioning it: “Photo by Charley.”

The picture sees her smiling from ear to ear, wearing a simple black T-shirt and some bangles on her wrist. Perhaps having her youngest child behind the camera was the reason for her natural, happy smile; or perhaps it was because she knows how great she looks sans makeup!

Savannah's self confidence

We love how Savannah isn’t afraid to show her real self, as it proves that she is confident in herself and doesn’t take any of the negative comments from online trolls to heart. If you cast your minds back to April 2022, you may remember that Savannah expertly shut down an online troll by sharing their unkind comment with her Instagram followers and replying to them directly in the quick-witted yet classy way we would expect from her. When the troll asked, "You look so old Savannah what happened to you?" Savannah replied: "I aged." Amazing!