Saucony Guide 15 running shoe review: a smooth ride for all-distance road running

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 Saucony Guide 15
Saucony Guide 15

Saucony Guide 15 running shoe review: first impressions

The redesigned Saucony Guide 15 is a lighter and more cushioned version of their stability road running shoe that promises a smooth ride.


List price: $140 / £130
• Weight: Men’s 9.5 oz (269g) / Women’s 8.2 oz (233g)
• Materials: Textile TPU upper, EVA foam sole
• Colors: Acid blue/rax, Black/white, Cool mint/zest, Gold/pine, Prospect glass, Sapphire/black
Compatibility: Road running

These well-stacked foam soles (35mm in the heel and 27mm in the forefoot) combined with higher sidewalls means your foot feels well-cushioned even on long days on the tarmac, while the HOLLOW-TECH technology provides subtle arch support for overpronators to help guide your stride. The result is a supportive, if not soft, sensation that translates into a very comfortable run.

Pair all of the above with a bootee construction that locks your heel in (but unlaces fully so they’re easy to pull on and off), breathable uppers and a lighter weight than many stability models and you’ve got yourself a shoe you can run in for miles.

Saucony Guide 15 running shoe review: on the road

Saucony Guide 15
Saucony Guide 15

Primarily a trail runner, the last couple of years have seen me embrace the big and bouncy soles of maximalist shoes which protect my feet from sharps rocks underfoot, but doing a little more road running these days, I was keen to see what the Saucony Guide 15 had in store for me. While I’m slowly getting used to more 'trail feel', my history of knee surgeries has left me in want of a good deal of cushioning for road running, and these shoes don’t disappoint in that regard.

Interestingly, the relatively thick soles on these shoes are neither particularly bouncy, nor are they very soft, yet still the overall impression is one of lasting comfort. That’s partly due to lots of foam, and partly thanks to the high sidewalls, which mean my foot nestles into the shoe nicely, like it’s being cradled. The foam contouring is just enough to feel supportive without feeling intrusive or rubbing and a roomy toe box gives room to expand without sizing up. These are stability shoes, so they are ideal for runners who overpronate or have flat feet. I, on the other hand, have high arches, but I haven’t noticed these shoes negatively affecting my gate whatsoever and I think the support is quite subtle.

Saucony Guide 15
Saucony Guide 15

They have a bootee construction which sometimes makes it quite hard for me to pull shoes on, what with those high arches I mentioned, but these ones unlace completely so they’re easy to get on but also fit really snugly which feels very supportive. The uppers are super breathable, though my feet do get soaked on rainy days, and overall these are a really nice, light shoe for running with good grip on wet days.

My typical run is around 10k, so I can’t say how much further than that you could go in them, and despite the thick sole you don’t get a really springy feel in them, but as slow as I run I can’t say that matters much to me. They’re not particularly flashy to look at, but definitely consider these if you want some support and a comfortable ride on the roads.

Sizing and fit

These fit true to size with a nicely locked in heel and a roomy toe box.


Even though the soles aren’t bouncy, these are really comfortable road running shoes. Thick foam soles, gentle contouring, and good fit a light weight makes these ideal for long runs.

Saucony Guide 15
Saucony Guide 15

Temperature regulation and breathability

Mesh uppers make these great for warm days.


A sturdy pair of shoes, I expect these to hold up as well as my last Sauconys (many, many moons)