Sauces for Vegetables That Will Make Eating Your Greens the Meal's Highlight

One familiar refrain from everyone's childhood is probably to eat our vegetables. From the once-dreaded Brussels sprouts to soggy turnips and terrible peas, the veggie has been the bane of many children's existence. It was the quickest ticket to an evening spent slogging at the dinner table, because one is not dismissed until all the peas on the plate have been swallowed—preferably enthusiastically, but usually begrudgingly. For those of us who did not possess the coveted love of vegetables, survival tactics were essential. Hold your nose, chew, swallow, and swig down some water. Pass them discretely to the dog. Beg to be excused (that worked, sometimes). These sauces for vegetables, though—this is exactly what we needed to make swallowing the greens a little more bearable and, dare we say, delectable. Here are our favorite sauces for roasted and steamed vegetables, plus everything in between. From creamy to spicy, cheesy, and sweet, these sauces will turn any skeptic into a vegetable evangelist.