Sarah Michelle Gellar Confirms 'Steamy' Kiss in Deleted 'Scooby-Doo' Scene

Jinkies, someone needs to use their Scooby senses to find this deleted footage!

Sarah Michelle Gellar divulged a major secret about 2002’s live-action Scooby-Doo movie that has sent fans into a bit of a frenzy.

According to the actress, there’s a deleted-scene locked up somewhere safe and away from prying eyes that includes a kiss between Gellar’s Daphne and Linda Cardellini’s Velma.

The Buffy alum made the reveal during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after a fan posed a question about a “rumored relationship” between the two iconic characters.

The 45-year-old actress, who is currently promoting her new Paramount+ series Wolf Pack, answered pretty candidly, noting, "I don't know about a relationship on the side," before acknowledging that there was, in fact, “a steamy” kiss scene between the two.

She then clarified, “I mean, I said it was steamy, but they probably didn't think it was, hence it was cut...."

When Cohen pressed for more, Gellar confirmed that a kiss between the duo was absolutely “cut.”

“It was an actual kiss between Daphne and Velma that got cut. I feel like the world wants to see it, but I don't know where it is,” she explained.

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It’s highly probable that the scene was nixed after the rating of the James Gunn-directed film was changed from Rated R to PG, but that doesn’t mean it should be sealed up in a vault somewhere.

Fans immediately took to Twitter demanding that the film studio unearth the scene and give the people what they want:

But that’s not all that didn’t make it into the movie, according to Gellar, who said that a scene between Daphne and Fred (played by Gellar’s IRL husband Freddie Prizne. Jr) was also cut, likely for the same reason.

"There was a great line, too, where I'll never forget, we're having a fight, Daphne and Fred, and then I yell at him, 'And that ascot makes you look gay!' and I slam the door. They cut that too," Gellar stated, joking, "I think it was the reason I actually signed on to the movie."

"I know everyone's thought for a long time… there were always implications about Fred being interested in both parties. They all got cut," she added, confirming that the fantasy-adventure comedy was supposed to be “less family-friendly to begin with."

Your move, Warner Bros.

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