Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth Is Massive Thanks to the 'Sex and the City' Revival

Photo credit: Francois G. Durand - Getty Images
Photo credit: Francois G. Durand - Getty Images
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Sarah Jessica Parker's net worth is massive–thanks in no small part to her salary for reprising Carrie Bradsaw in the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That….

Ahead, we break down the math.

SJP Is Getting $1 Million per Episode for And Just Like That…

According to Variety, Sarah Jessica earned more than $1 million per episode of And Just Like That for the 10-episode season—meaning she’s making a total of $10 million. (FYI, this is a major increase from what she got paid for her other HBO show Divorce—a “measly” $275,000 per episode—while her salaries on other TV projects like Glee are not known.)

The SATC Movies Were Lucrative

Yes, even the second one.

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Sarah Jessica Parker got $15 million for the first Sex and the City film and managed to get herself $20 million for the widely panned movie known as Sex and the City 2.

She Took Home About $200 Million for SATC Seasons 1 to 6

Sex and the City was on for six seasons, and Sarah Jessica Parker made a lot.

Celebrity Net Worth reports that she earned about $50 million for the first three seasons and then became a producer in time for season 4, when she started making $3.2 million per episode. This means that over the course of the 46 episodes in seasons 4 to 6, she took home $147 million.

Her Property Is Worth Millions

SJP and her husband, Matthew Broderick, own two townhouses next to one another in NYC, which they converted into one massive mansion. Because sure, why not! One townhouse simply isn’t enough! Anyway, the couple invested $34.5 million in the property, but it’s presumably worth a lot more now. And on top of that, they’ve also been successful at flipping real estate, taking a mansion they got for about $3 million in 2000 and selling it for $15 million.

Her Perfumes and Collabs Earn a Ton

According to Forbes, SJP earned $15 million in 2012—not just from SATC reruns but also from perfume sales and Garnier endorsements. In fact, perfumes are a huge moneymaker for her in general, earning $18 million in 2010 alone.

And She Has a Wine Brand

SJP launched Invivo X, SJP in 2019 and immediately started winning awards. Also, the wine now has an NFT.

And Don’t Forget Her Shoe Biz

Bloomberg called it a “Stiletto Empire” so…let’s assume it’s pretty successful?

So, What’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s Total Net Worth?

That would be $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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