Sarah Hyland Never Leaves Home Without This $12 Product You Can Get on Amazon

And other shoppers agree—the purse staple has 24K+ perfect Amazon reviews.

René Furterer, SkinCeuticals, La Prairie—these luxury skincare brands have top-notch reputations and price tags their famous fans can easily stomach.

And don't get us wrong, they're great. But isn't it fun when you learn a famous face uses the same drugstore staple you swear by, too? Modern Family star Sarah Hyland's secret weapon—the one she always has in her purse—is probably in yours. It's Aquaphor.

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Shop it: Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $11.17 on Amazon

In an interview with Byrdie, Hyland spilled the details of her love for the Petrolatum-based healing cream. Though it has a knack for giving dry hands all the TLC they need, Hyland divulged she uses Aquaphor for basically everything.

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"It can be used in a variety of ways — first aid kit, lip balm, glossy eye," Hyland raved. "I don't go anywhere without it. In fact, I have a giant vat of it in my bathroom right now."

If the vat in your bathroom is running low and a trip to CVS isn't in the cards, we're here to tell you it's under $12 online. A 7 oz. tube of Aquaphor is $11.16 on Amazon, so you don't have to brave the current cold front and risk getting even more cracked skin to snag it.

If you don't know about Aquaphor, let us get you up to speed. It uses Petrolatum as a simple solution to many pesky skin problems, from cracked skin to lips (move over, Chapstick) to wound healing. You can also use it as a foot cream — perfect for the pedicure season ahead. It nourishes and relieves the skin while also devising a protective barrier. This barrier ensures optimal oxygen flow to help it heal faster moving forward.

All in all, Aquaphor helps you minimize the number of products you need in your bathroom closet, making spring cleaning a breeze.

Aquaphor boasts a whopping 4.8-star rating on Amazon out of nearly 28K reviews (and you know Amazon can get harsh). The vast majority — more than 24K — are perfect 5-star ratings.

"Skin savior. I once read that Beyoncé slathers herself in Aquaphor every night, and it’s her secret — among other things — for her dewy glow and smooth and hydrated skin...I started using it religiously at night. I love it and find it more effective than regular petroleum jelly because the lanolin gives it a little more moisture...Aquaphor is a little more soothing on my face...It gives the nicest glow," raved one fan.

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"Must have. Aquafor has helped heal almost all of my tattoos, and it really helps keep the vibrant colors of the tattoo. It is also my go-to when my lips get dry in those dry winter months...I recently had my first baby, and it has been an absolute life-saver, helping with drool rash, eczema, etc. I was told to use it every diaper change by the pediatrician and NICU nurses to avoid diaper rash, and we have yet to have to experience it once, thankfully," wrote a happy parent to Aquaphor's newest and youngest fan.

And another 5-star reviewer 10/10 agrees with Hyland.

"It's great for EVERYTHING. I bought this so I could put it on a healing tattoo, and it worked just as I'd hoped, which was great. I've been trying this on everything, and it's turned out to be one of the most useful products ever. I'm loving this stuff. I'm very glad that I bought it. It makes everything heal quicker, too. They're really not lying about this stuff being so good," the person gushed.

So good, and it's so affordable. Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $11.17 on Amazon