Santa Got a Booster Shot and He's Ready for Christmas, Dr. Fauci Says

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Santa Claus is coming to town — and he's boosted.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, told USA Today that Santa is ready to dole out presents to kids around the world after receiving his COVID-19 booster shot.

"Santa already has great innate immunity," Fauci told the paper ahead of the Christmas holiday. "This year he is even more protected because he has been fully vaccinated and boosted. Santa will be just fine and is good to go!"

Anthony Fauci
Anthony Fauci

Chen Mengtong/China News Service via Getty Images

Santa is also likely exempt from travel restrictions and testing requirements, which many countries have strengthened amid the spread of the new omicron variant, including the United States, which requires all international travelers, including U.S. citizens, to get tested for COVID-19 within one day of their departure, regardless of their vaccination status.

Dr. Greg Poland, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases and director of the Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group, told USA Today he is a special consultant to the North Pole and that all the elves have also been vaccinated and boosted. It's important since many of the elves are elderly and at higher risk for severe disease, he added.

"This is shaping up to be a very good Christmas on the North Pole," Poland told the paper, "Santa is going to be everywhere he's supposed to be. Everything related to toy production is on schedule because the elves are healthy, and the reindeer are safe."

Last year, Fauci said he took a trip up to the North Pole and vaccinated Santa himself after responding to questions from concerned kids on a Sesame Street and CNN town hall.

"I measured his level of immunity and he is good to go," Fauci said at the time. "He can come down the chimney, he can leave the presents… and you have nothing to worry about."

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