Sandqvist Relaunches Store With Focus on Sustainability

LONDON — Accessories brand Sandqvist has relaunched its Soho flagship, redesigning the space to pay homage to its Nordic heritage in partnership with artist Emmely Elgersma.

The store, which features 99 percent upcycled material, is accented by vibrant pieces of furniture and interior details crafted by Elgersma, who was formally trained as a ceramicist and has previously worked with IKEA, Adidas, TikTok, Paynter Jacket and Clerkenwell Design Week.

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“The more digital our world becomes and the more technical products we produce, our stores become even more important. We want our customers to make conscious choices and our products to stay relevant for as long as possible,” said Sebastian Westin, the brand’s cofounder.

Sandqvist's new store.
Sandqvist’s new store features colorful furniture crafted by artist Emmely Elgersma.

The rollout of updated stores comes on the heels of Sandqvist introducing a 30-hour, four-day work week for full-time employees at the end of February. The accessories brand announced the decision after reporting a 20 percent turnover increase at the end of 2022.

“Being able to give our employees the opportunity to work even smarter, to be able to have more meaningful free time with more time for themselves and their relationships, feels both nice and exciting,” said Caroline Lind, chief executive officer of Sandqvist.

Sandqvist's new store.
Sandqvist’s reimagined Soho store.

The Stockholm-based accessories company, founded in 2004 by Sebastian Westin and brothers Anton and Daniel Sandqvist, focuses on sustainably made bags for work, adventure, and everything in between.

In 2020, Sandqvist was featured in the Swedish Design Museum’s first takeout design exhibit, where visitors could reserve and use Sandqvist backpacks for a week across the four corners of the country.

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