Sandeep Salter Reveals the Most Treasured Item in Her Home

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Who Is Sandeep Salter?Janna Tew/Courtesy of Salter House

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Sandeep Salter is the creative mind behind two New York City staples: the sustainable homeware and clothing shop (and café!) Salter House, which she opened with her husband Carson in 2018, and Picture Room, an art shop and gallery. Before embarking on those ventures, the London-born, Brooklyn-based founder worked as an archivist and bibliographer. As her shops continue to grow and delight all who come across them, we caught up with Salter to learn more about her home, favorite finds, and what inspires her. Beyond that, we've detailed a few fun facts—from what's on her nightstand to her relatable TV obsession. Dig into the specifics below.

House Beautiful: Tell us a little bit about your personal space. How would you describe the style?

Sandeep Salter: It’s very cozy. All our furniture is antique—traditional materials, stone, wood, cotton, and bronze.

HB: What’s on your nightstand?

SS: Tissues, wintergreen oil, and earplugs.

HB: What’s your most treasured item in your home?

SS: That’s a really hard one. Here are a few: photos of my kids; a stuffed cotton name garland my mom made when I was a baby; and a collection of bells my mother-in-law gave me.

HB: What’s the last thing you purchased?

SS: This swimsuit from Araks.

HB: Where do you turn for inspiration?

SS: Books. In the past couple of weeks, it’s been The New Antiquarians [by Michael Diaz-Griffith], Archive by Sofia Coppola, The Grammar of Ornament [by Owen Jones], The Wittgenstein House [by Berhard] Leitner, and Edible Flowers [by] Monica Nelson.

HB: What's your favorite vacation spot?

SS: Italy.

HB: What's your favorite candle scent?

SS: Fresh Cut [by Salter House].

HB: You’re setting the table for an intimate dinner of four at your place. Describe the details.

SS: White Salter House linen tablecloth, a mix of white and natural Salter House linen napkins, Chiarastella placemats, carved tapers, multiple pies and tarts and poached pears. Food served on olive & ribbon plates.

HB: What's your secret talent?

SS: Dancing!

HB: What's your worst personal habit?

SS: Bad TV.

HB: What’s your comfort TV show?

SS: Love It Or List It!

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