Sam Smith's New Horror-Inspired Photo Confuses Fans

The Grammy winner shared an intriguing photo with their fans.

You should expect the unexpected when it comes to Sam Smith, who continues to awe people with their creativity and talent. They often surprise their fans with their daily ongoings, with Smith unafraid to post anything risqué or startling on social media.

This time around, Smith posted an interesting photo of themself on Instagram, in which they are wearing what looks like a striped nightshirt, standing in a dark hallway, with the only light coming from one tall candle that Smith holds.

To add to that, Smith has an intense expression on their face in the photo, with brows furrowed looking directly at the camera. Not to mention, the caption for the pic just reads, "BOO."

Many of their fans were startled by the image, taking to the comments and writing things like, "scary vibes🫣," and "This scared me…but in a great way lol ❤️."

"Gosh Sam I jumped!" said another.

Of course, the fans soon started joking around as they wondered about the context of the photo, with one commenting, "It’s giving scrooge from Christmas carol x."

The same person also referenced a popular sound on TikTok, saying, "AWOOP JUMPSCARE."

A lot of others also got the same Christmas Carol vibes, saying, "You are looking like Ebenezer Scrooge who is seeing one of the ghosts before Christmas 😂."

Another fan hypothesized, "Sam teleported to the 18th century🕯🗝."

More great jokes in the comments included, "The Others 2: find the curtains," and "Fr me on my way to the fridge at 3am to get food 😩."

Some of Smith's fans considered if the image is a hint or preview of a new project, asking, "new video or music? or a simple photo?"

Smith released their fourth studio album, Gloria, at the end of January, releasing a music video for "Unholy (ft. Kim Petras)," "Love Me More," and "I'm Not Here To Make Friends."

The Grammy-winning singer may be working on another music video for the successful album, with one person suggesting that it might be for the track "Lose You."

Only time will tell if the spooky photo is for one of Smith's projects, or just for fun.