Sam’s Club Is Selling Guacamole-Flavored Chips That You Should Totally Dip In Even More Guac

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: ohheysamsclub - Instagram
Photo credit: ohheysamsclub - Instagram

From Delish

Chips are typically just vessels for shoveling whatever dip we can find into our mouths. Like, sure I love a potato chip, don't get me wrong, but what I REALLY love is sour cream and onion dip. Now, chips seem to have gotten the message to step up their game, at least if this guacamole-flavored chip is any indication.

Yes, you read correctly. These are tortilla chips that taste like your very favorite avocado-based dip and they're currently for sale at Sam's Club. Instagrammer @ohheysamsclub posted a photo showing off a bag of El Sabroso Guacachips and it definitely caught our attention.

I almost don't know what else to say to you because, like, they're bright green tortilla chips that taste like guacamole! What else you do you need to know? According to the product description, these chips "combine the great taste of a savory corn snack with the buttery, rich flavor of ripe avocados." That's good stuff right there, buddy!

The only logical thing to do is to dip these in more guac, of course, but I also would be down with you crushing them up over some avocado toast, using them with queso instead, or simple squeezing some lime on top and going to town on a bowl of them sans dip. I dunno, they're guac chips!!

If you're enticed, and I bet you are, you can pick up a bag of them at your local Sam's Club for $3.98.

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