Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for January

Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for Januarymargie rischiotto - Hearst Owned

Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • January 3: Venus enters Aquarius

  • January 6: Full Moon in Cancer

  • January 12: Mars Retrograde ends

  • January 18: Mercury Retrograde ends

  • January 20: Sun enters Aquarius

  • January 21: New Moon in Aquarius

  • January 27: Venus enters Pisces

It may be the start of the New Year, but you are focused on getting your finances in order! Capricorn season can also bring more projects, work opportunities, or checks your way. This is a wonderful time to review your personal values, as well as indulge in some comforts. The month starts off with Mercury in Capricorn canoodling with Neptune in Pisces on January 2, and you may be busy re-envisioning your home and what comfort means to you. Healing conversations can take place within your chosen family, and you’re feeling supported. Venus, the planet of blessings and love, enters Aquarius on January 3, and good news arrives!

The Full Moon in Cancer lights up a very sensitive and private part of your chart on January 6. You may be settling debts, releasing past versions of yourself, or doing some healing. Conversations with partners about shared resources and how you invest in one another–both emotionally and financially–may take place. If you’re wading through some challenging waters, this is the precursor to a phoenix moment–you’re so close! Keep going. The Sun and Mercury meet in Capricorn on January 7, bringing some clarity to your personal Mercury Retrograde story. If you’ve been sorting through some financial issues or reconsidering your work, an electric wave of knowledge comes over you. Tune into signs and symbols around you, and they'll illuminate your next step.

Relationships are about to get a little bit easier on January 12 when Mars ends its months-long retrograde in Gemini. You may feel ready to express frustrations that have been mounting in a romantic partnership or even within some of your closest friendships. You deserve to have your needs met, too. Sharing how you truly feel can bring some relief, and conflicts in general ease up. Speaking your truth will create a more solid foundation moving forward. You may also realize who is worth investing your time in and choose to part ways with certain friends or relationships. Venus in Aquarius merges with Uranus in Taurus on January 15 and you’re leaving your routine behind! You’re ready to kick work to the curb and engage in some spontaneous socializing.

The Sun and Pluto meet at the same point in the sky on January 18–you’re reflecting on your relationship with work and power. Is it healthy, or not? If you’ve been investing in your relationship with money, this could signal an empowering moment, too. On the same day, Mercury finally ends its retrograde in Capricorn! If this retrograde made you reconsider how you invest your time and resources, you’ve now got a better idea of what move you want to make next. You might want to start offering a new product, release one of your projects, or even start applying to a new field of work. Trust your gut!

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20 and you’re more curious than ever. Aquarius season 2023 is here! The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 reminds you that it’s healthy to self-express and share your voice. There are others who appreciate you and your perspective. This can mark a new chapter around learning, too. Perhaps you’re picking up a new skill, anything from cross-stitching or SEO optimization. Venus enters Pisces on January 27 and there’s more harmony in your living space, as well as with your chosen family. You’re feeling more nostalgic and may experience an extra burst of comfort from rewatching some of your favorite movies or TV shows.

The month ends with the Sun in Aquarius connecting with Mars in Gemini on January 30, when productive conversations with your S.O. or business partners can take place. You’re excited about taking the next step forward together!

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