Sad Senior Bulldog Who Has Nowhere to Go After Owner's Passing Is Breaking Hearts

Somebody has to help this pup.

We never want to see it happen, but there are a few occasions when owners are no longer available to take care of their fur babies and they have to surrender them to a shelter. Maybe they financially can't do it anymore, their health quickly declined or they passed away. Whatever it is, it truly breaks our hearts.

The latter, unfortunately, happened to a senior bulldog's owner. A Southern California-based rescue, known on TikTok as @roadogsrescue, brought in this cute senior dog as he has nowhere to go and they need someone's help. One look at his sad face will bring you to tears.

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Ugh, poor baby. He's probably so confused as to what happened to his owner. We just need someone to tell him that it wasn't him. His owner must've loved him SO much! This rescue needs someone to foster as soon as possible. So come on, social media, work your magic, and show this rescue dog there is love left in the world!

"His owner passed away. We need someone in SoCal to open up their home and give this sweet guy a place to crash while the rescue finds him a home," said @pink99rcg. Who wouldn't want this precious face living with them?! "I rescued a senior bulldog! He is such a good boy! He will give so much love and laughter," added @jackiemcdonald2. See?! It's worth it!

If you'd like to help out Road Dogs and Rescue by adopting, fostering or even donating, please visit their website for more information. Let's show this big hunk 'o love that there is a family who wants to give him all the attention in the world during his last few years.

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