Sabrina Carpenter’s New Song *Seems* to Tell Her Side of the Olivia and Joshua Love Triangle Story

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The love triangle between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter is a source of popcorn-grabbing drama that just won’t quit. While we wouldn’t wish the heartache or stress of the situation on anyone, we also send our deepest thanks to all three of these humans for taking a painful situation and turning it into an unending string of straight-up bops for the rest of us to enjoy.

The latest track on the unofficial soundtrack of this love triangle comes courtesy of Sabrina. On Friday, she released her newest album, Emails I Can’t Send, which includes the track “Because I Liked a Boy,” which *seems* to document her side of this drama saga. The song’s lyrics are all about a pretty innocent/casual relationship that ends up causing an avalanche of judgment, name-calling, cyberbullying, and general hate.

Sabrina never mentions anyone by name in the song but describes the relationship as “so innocent,” full of “cuddling on trampolines” and bonding over “complicated exes.” If the song *is* about her short-lived relationship with Joshua and the subsequent fallout that was, well, pretty much all of Sour, the chorus offers a clear look into what living through the whole situation was like for Sabrina (and as you probably already expected, it was rough and involved the kind of social media shaming and hate that makes you want to crawl into a hole and hide even if it’s not directed at you and seems like it would be unbearable if it were).

“Now I’m a home-wrecker, I’m a slut,” she explains in the song’s chorus. “I got death threats fillin’ up semi-trucks.”

The song includes other hints at the Olivia/Joshua connection, including this lyric in the chorus:

I’m the hot topic on your tongue
I’m a rebound gettin’ round stealin’ from the young

Many fans see the line as a reference to the age difference between Sabrina and Olivia (Sabrina is four years older), which Olivia also noted in the “Drivers License” lyrics:

And you’re probably with that blonde girl
Who always made me doubt
She’s so much older than me
She’s everything I’m insecure about

And, of course, this sage-but-obviously-impossible life advice:

Dating boys with exes
No, I wouldn’t recommend it

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