This Plus Size Documentary Will Change the World

·News Editor

Plus-size women have spoken: the revolution is now. With size 22 model Tess Muenster throwing her fingers in the air with the viral hashtag #effyourbeautystandards, Denise Bidot appearing in an unretoutched swimsuit ad showing off cellulite and stretch marks, Lane Bryant and Rebel Wilson declaring war on Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated including Robyn Lawley, and so much more noise within the past few months that change’s almost inevitable. Filmmaker Jenny McQuaile’s doing her part as well, and has created a documentary delving into the lives of the models redefining society’s beauty standards called Straight/Curve.

“We want this documentary to follow the change that is happening right now. We are capturing a historic moment in time in this body positive movement,” McQuaile tells Yahoo Style. “We want to inspire a new generation of women and men to love their bodies, whatever their size, so long as they are healthy.”

The film follows models Kate Dillon, Jennie Runk, and Iskra Lawrence, as well as activist and rock daughter Sophie T. Simmons. Produced by Jessica Lewis, a straight and curve model herself for more than 15 years, the doc’s personal and poignant. "This generation of models are ready to usher in a new definition of beauty, she says, “one that is all inclusive and supports positive body ideals and self acceptance.”

The plus size story is one that’s been begging to be told on the big screen for a while now. “The change has to come from within the fashion industry and the media,” McQuaile adds. “That will affect how millions of people worldwide see themselves when they look in the mirror. If all sizes and shapes are represented then that is a positive step.”

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