Airline Pilot Busted With 22 Pounds of Coke — 'Not Mine'


Peruvian authorities found cocaine in an American pilot’s luggage. (Photo: iStock/MilosJokic)

An American pilot has been caught with nearly 22 pounds of cocaine in his bags — and he says the drugs aren’t his.

Kenneth Parrock was arrested in Peru at Jorge Chavez airport, and though he did admit that the two searched bags were his, he denies that the cocaine found in one of them belongs to him.

Parrock was on a layover in Peru; and according to some international reports, he was about to pilot a TAM flight to Asia. He is being held by Peruvian authorities who are investigating whether he’s working with Asian drug smugglers.

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Parrock isn’t the first American pilot to be busted for coke in recent times. In May 2014, Stanley Rafael Hill was charged with felony possession of cocaine. His stash wasn’t discovered in his luggage, though — it was in his body. One of the 62 tiny bags he swallowed burst, forcing him to head to a hospital and turn himself in.

The six aluminum bags stuffed in Parrock’s suitcase at least seems less painful.

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