Ryan Seacrest Expressed 'Love' for Vanna White Ahead of New Deal

After months of negotiating, Wheel Of Fortune co-host Vanna White has extended her contract with the syndicated game show through the 2025-06 season. That means she'll work alongside future host Ryan Seacrest, who will take over for longtime host Pat Sajak next year.

Earlier this week, Seacrest was asked about White's standing the show while being interviewed at a conference for Fortune magazine. "I love Vanna White," he said. "I’ve known Vanna for a long time. We sat in important places next to each other. And I hope for nothing more than to be able to walk out on that stage and host with her."

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Sajak announced his plans to retire as the show's host in June 2023 after keeping the role for more than 40 years. He explained that the 2023-2024 season would be his last, adding, "It's been a wonderful ride, and I'll have more to say in the coming months. Many thanks to you all."

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The following month, White—a cultural mainstay on the show—began negotiating for a pay increase after reportedly working 18 years without a raise.

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Around that same time, a source told Puck News that executives at Sony had suggested eliminating White's role following Sajak's retirement announcement. They allegedly believed that with a contemporary star like Seacrest entering the show as the new host, White wouldn't be as necessary to bring in viewers. Fans, of course, disagreed.

In July, White signed a new deal to return as host of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, which Deadline reports involved a salary increase, but her fate with the flagship show remained up in the air. Now, viewers can finally rest easy knowing she'll be staying on the syndicated series for at least a couple more years, too.

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