Ryan Garcia promises 2nd-round knockout to Gervonta 'Tank' Davis

In the latest film session of "Hot Boxin' with Mike Tyson," Gervonta Davis crashed the set on FaceTime where he was met with fury of verbal jabs from Ryan Garcia promising a quick knockout.

Video Transcript


RYAN GARCIA: All day long, everyday, anybody who steps in that ring to me, they will go down.

- I got Tank on the phone. Do you want him?

MIKE TYSON: Yeah, Tank!

- Oh my God.

MIKE TYSON: I love you. This nigga talking mad shit over here, Tank. Look at this nigga, Tank.

RYAN GARCIA: Two rounds, baby. Two rounds-- two rounds, you're going to sleep.

GERVONTA DAVIS: Mike! He got dropped by somebody that can't even hit.

RYAN GARCIA: Oh, don't worry. Hey, hit me with that shot. You gonna need a Stairmaster, boy!



GERVONTA DAVIS: Mike! If I would've hit him, you know I would've killed him after that.

RYAN GARCIA: Hey, keyword!

MIKE TYSON: Oh shit.

RYAN GARCIA: Keyword, would've, if I-- if hit you.

MIKE TYSON: Can your next fight be with this nigga, man? Talk to the world, Tank.

- Yeah!

GERVONTA DAVIS: I'm gonna fight him next.


- Hold up--


GERVONTA DAVIS: I'll fight him next.

RYAN GARCIA: There it is.

MIKE TYSON: You gonna fight? Oh shit. The whole world, man.

- Uh-oh.

RYAN GARCIA: It's set in stone now, baby.