‘Ruthless’ 5-year-old beats adult neighbors in hilarious bake-off: ‘How is a child this funny?’

Two brothers have entered a very serious bake-off with their 5-year-old neighbor.

Australian twins Jordan and Brandon are the musical duo Take Two. When the brothers are not vlogging about music and family, they’re usually chatting with Harper.

Harper is their 5-year-old next-door neighbor who mostly communicates with them from behind a backyard fence. She challenged the brothers to a cheesecake competition — and she was not playing games.

Harper slipped two containers of cake she made using lemons from her lemon tree.

“Harper this is probably the best thing you’ve ever, ever brought over the fence,” one of the brothers told her.

Harper made them promise to bring her their own cake the following week.

“I take it serious, mate,” the little girl joked.

Then, Harper negotiated the prize money. First, she pitched $50. The brothers offered her $20, so she threatened to quit. They upped the prize to $100 and she agreed. The hilarious clip racked up 38 million views on TikTok.

The twins submitted their bake-off cake later. But Harper knew she would win because her cake had toppings, ice cream and homegrown lemons. Moreover, she felt strongly that her nan’s recipe was simply superior.

“Can tell you didn’t use homegrown lemons,” Harper told them. “You don’t even have a lemon tree.”

Brandon’s wife, Andrea, judged the final round. Harper was the clear winner and took the $100 prize.

The bake-off conclusion received over 18.8 million views.

“How is a child this funny??? I do not understand,” a user commented.

“She won hands down. She had toppings AND ice cream!” someone wrote.

“Harper is ruthless and I love her,” another joked.

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