Russell Stover Has Individually Wrapped S’mores, and the Caramel One Takes It Up a Notch

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Russell Stover
Photo credit: Russell Stover

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S’mores can be a very messy (but so worth it) dessert. Hey, it takes effort to build the graham crackers, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow! Russell Stover is making the campfire treat easier than ever to enjoy by reintroducing its S’mores Bar line.

The individually wrapped s’mores are already built for you, so it’s as simple as opening and eating. You have your choice of three varieties that will make your taste buds happy: classic, dark chocolate, and caramel.

  • Classic: marshmallow, milk chocolate, and graham crackers

  • Dark Chocolate: marshmallow, dark chocolate, and graham crackers

  • Caramel: marshmallow, caramel, milk chocolate, and graham crackers

Photo credit: Russell Stover
Photo credit: Russell Stover

The delicious thing about these S’mores Bars is that the chocolate is coated around the fluffy marshmallow. So you can eat it without worrying about getting sticky fingers.

Not only does Russell Stover make it simple to eat s’mores, but they created it at a price that can’t be beat. You can find them starting at just $0.99 each! Sure, roasting your own marshmallow and building your own s’more is fun and all, but we would be lying if we weren’t tempted to just buy a few of these and call it a day.

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