The Rush: Dwayne Haskins gets released, Jared Goff gets thumb surgery

The Buffalo Bills defeated the New England Patriots 38-9 on Monday Night Football, Dwayne Haskins was released from the Washington Football Team, Jared Goff gets surgery on his thumb and may miss the Rams game against the Cardinals, and John Calipari welcomes back Kentucky freshman Cam’Ron Fletcher to the team. PLUS: Keep your head up Dwayne Haskins. You’re no James Harden, but maybe Steph Curry making threes for 5+ minutes can inspire you.

Video Transcript


- Off of play action, Allen hit as he throws, able to complete. It's Diggs and taillights time! Diggs is looking back! Touchdown!

JARED QUAY: Sure, there was a game last night. And we'll get to that in just a second because a certain former first round quarterback's going to need our help to feel better. Dwayne Haskins was stripped from his quarterback duties for the Washington Football Team permanently because the team released him.

He gone. He got fired on your day off. And I know a couple of teams that need quarterbacks like yesterday. Jared Goff had surgery on his thumb and will probably miss the Rams game against the Cardinals. Where Kyler Murray isn't guaranteed to start either because of a leg injury.

What's up with these quarterbacks getting hurt, man? You go first overall, and then you get hurt. What's going on, man?

Even though that game has playoff implications for both the Rams and the Cardinals, Haskins probably won't get a call. But we know our guy's feeling down, so we're here to remind him that it ain't over yet. Because I'm going to motivate you through the rest of this show, Haskins. I know you're watching.

Look, if the Buffalo Bills taught us anything, it's that you can get kicked around for 20-plus years. But if you keep grinding, or wait for a certain quarterback to leave the division, eventually you can get back to the top. And last night the Bills handed the Patriots their ninth L of the season. "L" is for Loss. And folks, they made it easy.

- --continue to throw, continue to complete. It's Diggs-- stays on his feet into the end zone! Touchdown, Buffalo!

JARED QUAY: Remember when Josh Allen used to suck? Me neither. It's been a while. Because he is balling right now. And Stefon Diggs is a big reason why.

- --being chased and throwing.

- Oh, goodness.

- And it is--

- Oh, my goodness.

- --caught! Stefon Diggs!

JARED QUAY: This is easy, Dwayne Haskins. Go out and find yourself a top 3 receiver. Then go have a good third year and up your numbers in production, and then maybe you too can have opposing coaches throwing phones. Damn, Bill Belichick.

And remember Dwayne, just because you're off the team now doesn't mean it has to be forever. Just look at Cam'Ron Fletcher at Kentucky. Head Coach John Calipari kicked the freshmen off the team to teach him a lesson. And a week later, Calipari welcomed Fletcher back with open arms. Now I'm not saying Ron Rivera's going to pull a Calipari, but I'm not, not saying that either.

Now, Dwayne might be asking, all I did is party without a mask. James Harden does the same thing, and the Rockets don't want him to leave it all. What's the difference between me and Harden?

Well, Dwayne, you're not considered a once in a generation offensive talent, and you're not putting up A [BLEEP] ton of points. That's the difference. Now, I don't want to dump a bunch of criticism on Dwayne. So here's some actual advice.

Haskins has thrown 14 interceptions against 12 touchdowns in his career. So one area to improve might be accuracy. And I know just the guy to help with that, Mr. Accuracy himself, Steph Curry. He recently went five-plus minutes without missing a 3. He went over a hundred for a hundred 3-pointers?

Yo, come on. That's overkill right there. At some point people got to get tired of watching him make it, right? It's like, we've seen this movie before. I want to see the sequel where he misses a hundred for a hundred.