The Rush: COVID wreaks havoc on March Madness and Kevin Durant (again)

The NCAA announced that this year’s men’s basketball tournament will be played in Indianapolis, both Nets F Kevin Durant and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski will need to quarantine after exposure to COVID-19, the LA Chargers fired Anthony Lynn, leaving only two Black head coaches in the NFL without the interim tag, and Urban Meyer wants $12 million a year to unretire.

PLUS: The BU Terriers have a plan to win March Mask-ness, at least John Elway doesn’t need to file for unemployment, and prayers up for Zac Taylor!

Video Transcript


- The lob and the crusher! A two-handed flush from Bam Adebayo.

JARED QUAY: Even when he doesn't have a game, Kevin Durant manages to steal the spotlight. The Nets star was exposed to COVID-19 and now will miss Brooklyn's next four games while in quarantine. The rona might be messing up the Nets attempt to take over New York, but that has nothing on the chaos it's causing at the college level.

As you definitely remember, March Madness was canceled last year.


And yesterday, the NCAA took steps to make sure that, that doesn't happen again. They announced that the entire men's tournament will be held in one city-- Indianapolis, the greatest city in Indiana. Right behind Gary.

- Sick burn.

JARED QUAY: But even though coaches and players will stay in a quote "controlled environment," there are still no plans for a bubble yet. And that is asking for trouble. Just as Coach K.

He's going to miss Duke's game against BC after he and his wife were exposed to COVID-19. Look, there's no perfect solution, but Boston University might be on to something. During home games, they're requiring players to mask up the entire game. Whew. Maybe they're trying to mask the fact that they suck. Actually, they're 1 and 0. But good joke, right?

Yesterday was Black Monday in the NFL. But pretty soon the league's going to have to call it something else. That's because after the Chargers fired Anthony Lynn, there are just two black head coaches left. Two. Which also happens to be the number of black GMs. Two. That's it.

But that could change because of a new opening in Denver. After 10 years, John Elway is stepping down as GM of the Denver Broncos. The Hall of Famer plans to stay on as team president. So he won't have to file for unemployment or nothing. He's keeping his job during the pandemic.

Not like Doug Marrone, who Jacksonville let go after four disappointing years. And it's no secret the Jags are eyeing Urban Meyer to replace him. But the college legend reportedly wants $12 million a year to unretire. Don't we all?

Still, nobody had a worse Black Monday than Bengals head coach Zac Taylor. He wasn't fired. Even worse. Team owner Mike Brown said that he's doing a good job. Meaning that Taylor now has to coach the Bengals another year.

Yo, there's only so many losing a man can do. Every time you take a loss, a little bit of your soul dies. And this man has been losing every game. I mean, the Bengals don't even want to win at this point. It's just like they're collecting first round draft picks like you can leave when you die with them.