Rumors of a 'Bama Rush' documentary spark TikTok drama: 'Things could get spun out of hand'

TikTokers are currently obsessed with season 2 of “Bama Rush,” or University of Alabama rush week, which has become famous for its over-the-top luxury and juicy gossip. Recently rumors that HBO Max may be infiltrating this year’s rush season have spread across the app.

TikToker Brun shared this now viral video to discuss the Bama Rush documentary rumors. In the clip, Brun included a screenshot of a Facebook post from a University of Alabama (or “Bama”) parent warning the sorority community about HBO Max‘s alleged presence on campus.

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In her Facebook post, the Bama mom claims that HBO Max has planted 20 girls to pose as potential new members (PNMs) for sorority recruitment. The mother warned the university community to report any suspicious behavior to Bama’s Panhellenic Association, as planted PNMs will allegedly be “wired” with hidden microphones.

“I’m so sad for these girls – this process is going to be skewed bc – they don’t know who they are, and how do you trust?” the Facebook screenshot read.

TikTok users had mixed feelings about the idea of a Bama Rush documentary.

“So invasive. It’s definitely going to show Bama in a bad light,” a TikTok user commented.

“Went through rush at a Big 10 school, so [it] could be different, but tbh as a PNM, they won’t catch any good gossip with mics, lol. Just gonna be small talk,” another wrote.


What is Bama Rush?

“Bama Rush” refers to the University of Alabama’s recruitment season for its Panhellenic sororities. Like many Southern U.S. schools, Bama (located in Tuscaloosa, Ala.) takes Greek life very seriously. Fall recruitment at Bama takes place before classes start, and the season lasts about two weeks (much longer than at other universities).

Bama Rush was popularized on TikTok in 2021, with many Bama PNMs going viral after sharing “OOTD” (“outfit of the day”) videos and daily recaps of their rush experience. Despite the glitz and glamour of each sorority’s promotional videos, the aftermath of last year’s Bama Rush was full of drama. Many TikTokers were outraged by their favorite PNMs not receiving bids to join a sorority, and several sorority alums came out to share their negative experiences with Bama Greek life.

Is there really going to be a Bama Rush documentary on HBO Max?

So far there isn’t much concrete information on HBO Max‘s alleged Bama Rush documentary, but a lot of speculation has spread online due to Bama locals’ gossip. On Bama’s Greekrank (an online forum for university students in Greek life), a thread was begun by an anonymous user in March 2022 to discuss the documentary rumors.

“How are girls getting chosen for interviews for the HBO Max documentary on Alabama Rush? Was this approved by Panhel??” the anonymous user wrote.

“I know an active that signed a contract to be in the show. Will she get in trouble? She’s getting paid 5K,” someone responded.

Amanda Evans, a TikToker and one of this year’s Bama PNMs, shared this video to recap her second day of rush. In the clip, she claimed several girls were caught with hidden microphones at that day’s events, mentioning the HBO Max documentary rumor. This video has led many viewers to assume HBO Max is following through with the alleged plan to “plant” PNMs.

“I wanted to remind everyone to be very careful. You’re not allowed to record in the houses. Some girls got caught with mics today,” Evans said. “It’s been an awesome experience for me so far, so just don’t believe all the rumors if you’re thinking about rushing.”

Caris Fairfax, a Bama alum and Zeta Tau Alpha member, also posted this video to share the insider information she allegedly received on the HBO Max documentary from her former sorority sisters. Based on Fairfax’s sources’ claims, no official documentary or show about Bama Rush is being filmed legally.

“The university and the city met, and they decided they did not want any more press. They agreed,” Fairfax said. “Apparently, a network did wanna film, but in order to do that, they have to get permits and pay for temporary business licenses and work with the university as well as the city.”

Despite Bama and the city of Tuscaloosa’s joint efforts to prevent a network from filming this year’s sorority recruitment, Fairfax went on to say that neither entity can control a network from filming anyway. She said that the school is warning students to remain “cognizant” if anyone approaches them with questions about rush.

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the matter.

“I think that’s a good idea. Things could get spun out of hand,” a TikToker wrote.

“As a parent of an active member, I would be so happy if they were left alone. Let them have their fun and experiences!” another said.

“The TikTok filming is enough!” someone joked.

In The Know reached out to HBO Max for comment but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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