Ruby Fox Uses the Most Unexpected Product to Create the Boldest Eye Look Ever

Megan Uy
·2 mins read

From Cosmopolitan

Honestly, I wish I could say I’ve done some spectacular stuff during quarantine. The only thing I’m really proud of accomplishing is baking a couple loaves of banana bread. Yeah, I know, basic biatch.

But Ruby Fox over here started learning Japanese while being cooped up at home and has also fine-tuned her video-editing skills. Let’s go, boo! But you know that nothing could stop her from serving the most top-notch looks. She created this fierce one for this episode of Cosmo Queens and you’re gonna LOVE.

Ruby starts off by priming her face and gluing down her brows to prep for all the makeup she’s going to apply. Then, with a very precise hand, she draws in a new set of very sharp and full brows and cleans them up with concealer.

Once that’s done, she applies foundation with a brush and a beauty sponge to make sure everything is smooth and locked in. To brighten her face, she puts some concealer under her eyes, on her T-zone, and onto the bridge of her nose. Afterward, she makes sure to powder and bake to set it all in. Next, she dives into the most exciting part…the eyes!

She first stencils out a very thick winged liner and brings it down to her bottom lash line, where she draws little spikes. (Super edgy, I’m obsessed.) She then fills in the winged liner with black eyeshadow and tops it off with the most brilliant and unexpected element—craft-store silver leaf! The shine is next-freaking-level, and adds a sexy touch to the otherwise bold eyeliner.

And of course she had to add some blush, highlighter, and *the* black lip with the silver shine to complete the whole beat! Love. To. See. It.

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