Royal Watchers Think a Subtle Gift Hints at Prince William and Harry Reconciling

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Will a Pic Fix The Royal Rift Between Will and H?Dominic Lipinski - Getty Images

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  • Prince William and Prince Harry have been estranged in recent years due to interpersonal conflict

  • But avid royal watchers feel there's a recent hint that William is open to reconciling

  • The alleged hidden message can be spotted in a video the Prince and Princess of Wales uploaded to YouTube recently

It's no secret that Prince William and Prince Harry have been estranged in recent years. If you believe the rumor mill, it's because of the behavior William exhibited that Harry objected to. If you believe the British tabloids, William fears that Harry can't be trusted anymore since anything said or done could wind up in a book or TV show.

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And suppose you believe the folks who flood my inbox with all-caps messages whenever I write a royal-related story. In that case, it's because Meghan Markle is a creation genetically engineered in a lab like Mewtwo, designed to single-handedly bring down the British monarchy like a combination of V for Vendetta, Mel Gibson in The Patriot, and Bheem from RRR.

But avid royal watchers have spotted a possible easter egg in a recent video posted by the Prince and Princess of Wales that they claim hints at a potential reconciliation between the two.

See if you can spot it:

So, did you catch it? If not, don't feel bad. The folks who did spot it seem to have been studying this short clip with such wrapped, obsessive attention that it makes Jim Garrison watching the Zapruder film look like my dad taking us to see Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas and then bailing 15 minutes in to play in the arcade until the movie was done.

Would it help if we gave you a timecode? Skip ahead to roughly 1:41 in the video. Now do you see it?

Still nothing? What if we told you to zoom in on the pictures on top of the piano? How about now?

Still nothing? Well, what if we tell you that one of those pictures is a photo of the two brothers, alongside their late mother, Princess Diana—ultimately used for her 1995 Christmas card gift?

The Irish Mirror notes that viewers of the video who spotted this alleged easter egg are convinced it's a secret coded message, indicating a hope that the two could reconcile. They quote one fan saying, "I honestly wish Harry and William could come together. Diana would be devastated."

Now, that's their takeaway from that video. Is it shared by this writer? It might be a bit of a stretch, like those who think The Shining is a confession of Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landing. At a certain point, if you're looking for hints hard enough, you will start seeing them everywhere.

No, my key takeaway here was: William and Kate have their own YouTube channel? Now currently, it's only at about 658,000 subscribers, with only two videos having gained more than a million views as of this writing. And to that, we say:

Look, many people think the royal family is out of touch, and if they want to fix that, I think they have to fully commit to this YouTube channel. Go full content creator–think Princess Kate live-streaming herself reacting to Five Nights at Freddy's and Prince William doing MrBeast-style stunts like diving into a swimming pool filled with jello and stuff. I want the Prince and Princess of Wales making obnoxious, wide-eyed, mouth-agape faces on the side of YouTube thumbnails filled exclusively with white Impact-font text. It's the obvious solution.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Harry will start doing TikToks explaining how Meghan taught him that Cyril Radcliffe was a monster while doing the "Papa's Party" dance.

This is the only path forward for the monarchy.

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