Rose Hanbury, Once Dubbed Kate Middleton's "Rural Rival," Was at King Charles III's Coronation After All

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Rose Hanbury Was at King Charles's Coronation 😬Getty Images

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Remember back in the days of yore (like, 2019) when the internet was completely obsessed with false rumors about Prince William and Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley? Yeah, well guess who showed up at King Charles III's coronation yesterday? That would be the Marchioness herself!

Rose's attendance was previously confirmed by The Daily Beast, who pointed out that her husband David Cholmondeley is one of King Charles's Lord-in-Waitings, and that their son Oliver is one of his pages (along with Prince George).

their majesties king charles iii and queen camilla coronation day
Karwai Tang - Getty Images
their majesties king charles iii and queen camilla coronation day
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

“There has never been any enmity between Kate and Rose," a friend of the family told the outlet. "The rumors were all a load of rubbish. The family are ancient allies of the Crown and they will be there.”

You can get all the details on the unsubstantiated rumors about Rose and William over this way, but TL;DR:

  • Back in April 2019, In Touch reported that William may have had an affair with Rose, and Kate supposedly confronted him. (Though this was obviously never substantiated.)

  • The Daily Mail’s royal reporter Richard Kay shot down this gossip and said it was entirely fake news: “Both sides have considered legal action, but because none of the reports have been able to offer any evidence about what the so-called dispute is about, they have chosen to ignore it....These hurtful rumors of a fallout are simply false.”

  • Rose was dubbed Kate's "Rural Rival" by U.K. tabloids due to since-scrubbed-from-the-internet reports that the Princess of Wales had Rose "phased out" of their circle of friends (also unsubstantiated and given Rose's coronation appearance, clearly false!).

  • A source told Us Weekly, “The affair rumors turned out to be a good thing for [William and Kate] in the end. Kate finds the rumors hurtful, obviously, and hates the thought that one day her children will be able to read about them online....It forced her and William to sit back and examine their relationship, which they realized they should have been doing more often.”

  • Prince Harry implied in Spare that King Charles and Queen Camilla's press office were responsible for leaking stories about Rose and Kate's alleged rift.

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