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Rosalía Is Flaunting Her Ultra Sculpted Abs For The Whole Aegean To See

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  • Rosalía just revealed her seriously toned abs and legs on Instagram while on vacation in Greece.

  • The “El Mal Querer” singer posed for some photos with her boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, on their romantic sailboat trip.

  • Rosalía takes cardio-filled flamenco dance classes as a way to stay strong and healthy.

Rosalía sailed through the beautiful blue waters of Santorini this weekend, gracing her followers with photos of her washboard abs and unique style as she floated around with boyfriend Rauw Alejandro, a Puerto Rican artist. The pair were literal #CoupleGoals as they shared snippets of their breathtaking vacation.

The Spanish singer-songwriter posted two sets of Instagram pics this weekend of her lounging on a boat deck. The first post shows Rosalía sporting a Fendi two-piece, furry hat, and some of the world’s largest sunglasses. Of course, she pulls off the look like no other, flaunting her defined abs for all the Aegean to see. In the second, she opts for a cute pink bikini that looks like it's made of terrycloth.

Her fans were freaking out (and not just because of her huge diamond ring on full display). "🙌🔥🙌🔥🙌🔥," one person wrote. "Wowowowo😍😍😍," another said.

So how does Rosalía get those super strong, toned abs? Well, she attributes some of her strength to flamenco dancing, which has helped her stay active, according to her New York Times profile. This style of dance is known for its frequent hand and foot movements, but you're also pretty much moving your entire body the whole time. Talk about getting your cardio in!


While Rosalía hasn’t said much about her exercise routine in recent years, a recent Nike ad she was featured in shows everyone that her dance style is intense, rhythmic, and probably makes for a mean full-body workout:

The singer’s dance skills show up all the time in her music videos, and they definitely rev up the energy. I mean… just look at how seamlessly she falls into a split! That takes some serious flexibility and I definitely want to know how she trained for that.

Luckily, Rosalía was able to relax this weekend and cuddle up with Rauw. Both of her posts made it clear that there's some serious the chemistry between the two, whether they were hugging, napping (quite literally on top of each other, I might add), or even painting each other's nails. Now that’s true love.


Rauw also posted his own IG from the romantic getaway, sharing a tender kiss with his followers. Naturally, Rosalía was rocking another stylish, fluffy hat here.

Enjoy your vacation, lovebirds!

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